OneDollar Mission The OneDollar meme token team’s mission is to drive the price of OneDollar token to $1 through automatic incremental token burn strategy from percentage fees from every transaction, and fees generated from its series of its innovative ecosystem product offerings, while providing sufficient automatic locked liquidity pool for price stability, and directly generating automatic passive rewards for all OneDollar token holders.
Decentralized Community Focus As a fully transparent and community oriented project,  there is no team token or founders token. The founders and all team members participated in a fair launch with everyone in the community.
Reflection Static Rewards, Automatic LP Generation, and Automatic Token Burn  OneDollar protocol is based on four major functions: Reflection static rewards, automatic liquidity pool (LP) generation, automatic token burn, and incremental token burn. The protocol takes 10% fee on each transaction. This fee is splitted into 3 parts as 4%, 3% and 3% respectively. The first 4% transaction fee goes for Reflection Rewards, 3% transaction fee to Liquidity Pool Generation, and the remaining 3% transaction fee is used for Automatic Token Burn. The Reflection Rewards function is to distribute the 4% of the transaction fee to every oneDollar wallet holder on a percentage basis. The more OneDollar token you hold in your wallet the more rewards you will receive. The Automatic LP Generation function comprises the other 4% transaction fee collected in OneDollar token. Out of which 2% is sold to BNB, then added to the remaining 2% in OneDollar token and the total amount is deposited back into the PancakeceSwap Liquidity Pool. This Liquidity Pool Generation would help to sustain the market liquidity and ultimately stabilize the OneDollar token price in the market. The last 2% part of the transaction fee collected in OneDollar token is burned automatically. This process would help in a gradual reduction of the total supply of OneDollar token in the market, which would potentially lead to increase in price.
OneDollars Ecosystem Product Offerings fees for Incremental Token Burn The protocol takes 90% from all the ecosystem products offerings fees like OneD-Exchange, OneD- NFT Art Marketplace, OneD-LaunchPad and more,  and would automatically be used to buy and burn OneDollar token.  This process would further help to drastically reduce the  total supply of OneDollar token in the market, which would potentially lead to appreciative value of OneDollar token. Out of the remaining 5% of ecosystem product offerings fees, 5% goes for the accumulation of BNB and OneDollar token at equal amount to further increase the PancakeSwap liquidity pool. The last 5% of ecosystem fees goes research & development and for the maintenance of OneDolallar project and its ecosystem products developments.