OneDollar finance, the first Cross-chain and Privacy ecosystem protocol on Binance Smart Chain

Onedollar aims to transform the future of the digital economy,
and bring financial freedom to everyone.


Ultimate Privacy functionally protocol

OneDollar protocol brings 100% ultimate privacy functionality to Balance Smart Chain enabling anonymous and untraceable transactions between two Binance Smart Chain wallets

Decentralized Community Oriented

As a 100% community powered and fully transparent project, there is no team token or founders token. The founders and all team members participated in a fair launch with everyone in the community

Ecosystem fees for Increments Token Burn

90% of OneDollar ecosystem product offerings fees from Cross-Chain DEX Exchange, NFT Art & meme marketplace, Crypto-powered e-commerce, and Launchpad contribute to the incremental burn of OneDollar token leading to potential increase in price.

Automatic Passive Rewards

4% of every trade contributes to automatic passive rewards through static reflection for all OneDollar token holders, as they watch their wallet balance grow exponentially.The more OneDollar token you hold in your wallet the more rewards you will receive. Earn passive income while you sleep.

Automatic Liquidity Generation

4% of each trade adds to the automatic liquidity generation that is locked in within PancakeSwap LP. This automatic liquidity pool generation helps to sustain the market liquidity and ultimately stabilize the OneDollar token price in the market.

Automatic Token Burn

2% of every trade contributes to the automatic token burn. This process helps in a gradual reduction of the total supply of OneDollar token in the market, which would potentially lead to increase in price.


OneD-Swap. Cross-chain DEX Exchange

OneD-NFT Art & memo Marketplace

OneD-Amazon Standard. world's largest Crypto-enabled e-commerce Marketplace

OneD-LounchPad. Leading Crypto Fundraiser

OneD-High Yield Forming


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